What is ezWallet ??

ezWallet is a service provided to the customer that they can add money to their ezWallet account and reuse it later whenever they want to recharge.
It's a boon for all Online Recharge customers that they need not enter their Debit/Credit card details for every transaction. You can recharge a sum of money to your ezWallet and redeem it later.

How to use my ezWallet ??

Customer would get an email stating that the recharge failed due to these reasons and their money has been transferred to their ezWallet account. Huge customers fail to retry the recharge, since they are not aware of how to reuse the money from their ezWallet.

Before retrying the recharge, please verify the valid tariff plans for your circle. As ezRecharge.in provides updated tariff plans and its helps the customers to choose their best plans. You can also contact your operator customer care to verify the tariff plans, since often they keep on updating the plans.

Redeem Steps:

Again it's a very simple 3 step proces!!!
Open ezRecharge.in website.
Click on Login button >> Enter your Registered mobile number >> Enter Password.
Check your ezWallet Balance.
Enter the valid mobile number >> valid recharge amount >> valid operator >> Click Redeem Button.
Confirm the entered details are correct or not
Click Confirm Redeem >> Enter Login Password >> Pay Recharge.

How to add money to my ezWallet ??

Login to your ezRecharge account with your registered mobile number and password.

Enter your registered mobile number
Enter the amount which you want to add to your ezWallet.
Select the operator has ezWallet.
Click Recharge button.

Confirm the entered details are correct or not and click Confirm Recharge button. This will redirect to the payment option where you need to enter your card details and make payment.
Once the Payment is successful, the recharge amount will be added to your ezWallet and you can redeem it for any mobile operators and for any valid recharge amount.

How my money transferred to ezWallet ??

Customers wonder how come my recharge amount gets transferred to ezWallet !!!
If the customer try to recharge for an Invalid Recharge Amount i.e. there are no plans available with the operator for the entered amount, so unfortunately the recharge gets failed. For the failed transactions the recharge amount should be refunded back to the customer's bank account. But here comes the complex. If the refund process is initiated, the bank takes 5-7 business days to credit back the money to the customer's account. It's really a frustrating process that customer has to wait for a week or more for their money to credited to their bank account.
To overcome all these hassles,
For the customer convenience, ezRecharge.in provides its wallet service - ezWallet.
In which customers can transfer their recharge amount to their ezWallet through Instant Retry, if the recharge is failed they can transfer the recharge amount to their ezWallet and retry their recharge for the valid mobile number, valid recharge amount, valid operator and click on Redeem button.

How to create ezrecharge account ??

It's quite simple that customer has to register an account in ezRecharge.in !!!

Click Register button
Enter your Name >> Enter your Email ID >> Valid Mobile Number >> Enter Password.
ezWallet Account has been created successfully.

It is advisable for the customer to remember their registered mobile number, email id and password.

I forgot my Login Password ??

Click Login Button >> Click Forgot Password link.
Enter your registered Mobile Number >> Enter your registered Email id.
Click Get Password.

A temporary password is been sent to your registered Mobile Number through SMS and to your Email also.
You can use that password to login and after login you can change your password too/

How to customize my password ??

By clicking My Account >> Change Password Edit.
Enter your old password >> Enter New Password >> Retype Password.
Click Save Password.

How to do SMS Recharge ??

ezRecharge feels proud that it's the 1st Online Recharge portal to start SMS Recharge service. It is the most advanced mode of recharging that you can recharge even you doesn't have an internet connection. Just an SMS is enough, your recharge will reach you wherever you are. You just need to be an ezRecharge account holder.
Please check following link for SMS RECHARGE format

Why Recharge Order Status is still pending ??

There are few rare cases the recharge status will be pending due to certain reasons.

Operator Server Down. Currently the operator server is on downtime for your circle. We assure that your recharge will be auto processed as soon as the operator server is up.
Your Recharge Order is put on hold for verification. It happens in very rare cases, payment gateway follows certain process to verify the provided details are valid or not. If there is any mismatch with the provided details they put the recharge order on hold, until the verification process is complete.
Operator Response Delay. Your Recharge order is still pending with the operator server and we didn't get response from the end. Please note that the recharge status will be updated to your registered email.

Customer can be awaited till the status is updated and they need not worry about their money. ezRecharge.in always care their valuable customers.

Why my payment is failed ??

You might have entered your card details successfully, but the payment status is failed.
We regret that Payment process is not complete or still payment was not received us from your Bank.

Due to Bank or Payment Gateway Authorization failure.
Slow Internet connectivity at the time of payment or user might have refreshed the page.
Communication failure with Payment Gateway.

See that in this case, if money has been debited from your bank account it will be automatically refunded to your account within 5-7 business days as per bank's refund process.

What do I do if I haven't registered an account and my recharge fails ??

This would be a major query that lies with the customer as many do recharges has a guest user.
The customer doesn't need to worry if their recharge failed and they haven't registered an account before.
It's simple!!! Click on Instant Retry button, You will be asked to provide your Name, Email id, Registered mobile number, Password.
Your account will be created successfully and you can retry the recharge.

If you are facing any other issues ??

ezRecharge is the only leading portal to provide customer care call support and provides solution for the customer issues.
ezRecharge always care their valuable customers to give the best service.


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